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The Aviation Industry just changed forever...

Almost overnight, the industry has gone into free fall and airlines have carried out large scale, unprecedented cut backs. Here's the truth:

  • Thousands of pilots will be made redundant in the coming months

  • Most won't find reemployment at a similar level for at least 3 years

  • The actions you take right now will dictate whether you just survive or thrive

  • This is the new reality whether you want to deal with it or not

Tom Schouten - Pilot turned Web Developer

"After being furloughed, the course really helped me to create structure in my day-to-day life, which in turn made me more calm and focused on the task at hand"

A program just for pilots...

The Pilot Realignment Program is a 4 month program to help you navigate this downturn in the most powerful way possible.

  • Regain Control

    New Online trainings released every week help you get back in control of your career and your life. We currently have over 40 trainings that cover personality, strength finders, finances and cashflow, family support, stress and anxiety, physical and mental health, sleep optimisation and more.

  • Get to know yourself

    Gain deep insights into your own personality, unique skills and talents. Most importantly, you'll see how your pilot skills can be transferred into other industries. By the end of the program, you'll know yourself better than you ever thought possible.

  • Generate New Opportunities

    You probably still want to fly again but it may not be possible for a while. Whether you want to launch a side business or discover a new career to get through this crisis, we'll support you in generating new ideas and opportunities, tailored just for you.

  • Weekly Crew Briefing Calls

    Every week, the Cockpit Coaches will be supporting and guiding you through the program on our Crew Briefing Calls. You'll have the opportunity to get supported around your specific situation each and every week. All calls are private and confidential.

  • Case Studies

    Weekly interviews with pilots who have created a wide range of different opportunities outside the cockpit as well as industry experts sharing their expertise on relationships, finance and career.

  • Worldwide Pilot Community

    Join our community of pilots from all over the world who are also navigating the unique challenges of this unprecedented situation. You'll be assigned an accountability partner to ensure you get the most out of this program.

Choose your own Future...

  • Transform your experience of life. One of our mantras at Cockpit Coaches is "From the most challenging times come the biggest opportunities". Working with us, you'll see that life can be more enjoyable, free and fulfilling experience not just a constant struggle, endless bad rosters and deep feelings of fatigue.

  • If you choose to create a new side hustle or business, we'll help you find and develop your new business idea based on your uniques skills and experiences. You'll also learn the mindsets required to successfully transition from Pilot to Entrepreneur. By the end of the program, you will have started your business and have the first client in the door.

  • If you'd like to explore a new career or position outside the cockpit, you'll work with us to discover exactly what careers are a great fit for you. You'll work with our partners to explore continued education options or find a new placement.

Testimonials from past clients...

"Martin and Nathan’s challenges supported me in shifting my perspective"

Tom Schouten

"After being furloughed, the course really helped me to create structure in my day-to-day life, which in turn made me more calm and focused on the task at hand. Martin and Nathan’s challenges supported me in shifting my perspective and breaking down the boundaries that were holding me back. During the weekly briefing calls it quickly becomes clear that it is a nice community that supports each other to help you achieve your goal"

"I feel empowered to walk the path I am walking“

Alistair Slee

I have found Cockpit Coaches to be everything I have needed in my current situation of airline redundancy. The course has given me the opportunity to connect with colleagues in the same position and understand everything I am experiencing is normal. I have had the guidance to check my own well-being in personal and financial matters and help in looking at opportunities ahead. I feel empowered to walk the path I am walking, to say "no" to anything that doesn't resonate within me, no matter how badly my logical brain is screaming the complete opposite! Cockpit Coaches has helped me to hold a mirror up to my current career and make choices that serve me in the future.

"...making the best of the worst"

Mark Glover

"There is no way to explain the changes earlier this year that have occurred, going from a stable job in a stable world to complete uncertainty in an industry that has become decimated by the global pandemic. It has been hard to swallow leaving emotions that have ranged from sadness to anger and everything in-between. Nathan and his team have given me the ability to see the situation from a different angle while also seeing my personal attributes strengths and weakness’s and how those will apply in a possible new future. Its given me and my family a sense of making the best of the worst and the ability to use it as an opportunity"

"The confidence to take bold risks"

Michael Gendler

“Nathan helped me quit my corporate job and start a 6-figure business in our first year of working together. He gave me the confidence to take bold risks and the strategies to accelerate my entrepreneurial dreams.”

"The best version of yourself ”

Sam Johnson

“Nathan has helped me navigate a number of difficult decisions, clear head space for new ventures and has genuinely supported my growth and development. Nathan's coaching is authentic, honest and focused on making you the best version of yourself. ”

"Create the Future you desire"

Christian Weigand - Founder of Blue Awareness

After I worked with Martin, I had a clear and exciting vision, of how I want to live my life. I overcame limiting beliefs and created an overarching purpose, which is in line with my core values (which I had defined). I learned what it takes to create the future that I desire. All areas of my life shifted towards where I wanted them to be, living my true potential. Thank you, Martin, for guiding me towards my inner source.

Meet your Instructors


Nathan Seaward

Nathan is from Christchurch, New Zealand and had a passion for aviation from a young age. He flew the Beech 1900, ATR72 and Boeing 737 for multiple airlines in New Zealand before taking up a contract position on the Boeing 767 in Tokyo, Japan. Nathan has always had entrepreneurial interests on the side and in 2015 started and grew a Personal Coaching business. In 2017, he left aviation to work on his coaching business full time and now resides in New York, USA.


Martin Stork

Martin is originally from Canada but lived most of his life in Europe. He has spent almost two decades in the aviation industry, where he flew business jets as well as airliners. Martin has also been involved in training as Line Trainer and Check Captain on the B737. His MBA in Aviation Management, where he graduated in Employment Relations, led him on the path to becoming the president of the Norwegian Pilot Group (NPG) where he represented the pilots of Norwegian in transnational matters. Martin´s coaching background includes certifications as Human Potential- and Business Coach. In his coaching business Martin is focussed on Executives and Organizational Culture. Due to his years living on Gran Canaria, Martin fell in love with ultra trail running. So when you cannot get a hold of him, he is most likely running in the mountains...
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Regain Control. Embark on the path of Personal Growth and Opportunity. Unite with fellow pilots and be supported and guided by experienced Cockpit Coaches.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions that are not answered below, email us at and we'll answer them as soon as we can.

  • How long does the program run for?

    The program is designed to be completed within 4 months. Once started, training modules are released on a regular basis for optimum learning experience. The first 3 months are a combination of online learning and group coaching calls (not included in basic "single pilot" program version). The last month of the program is solely dedicated to execution. In this final month the rubber will ultimately meet the road! Students will have access to the program material for six months.

  • What is included in the paid program?

    The 4 month program includes access to all of the online trainings, weekly crew briefing calls (not included in "Single Pilot" program version), access to the worldwide community, downloadable worksheets for each module and links to all resources.

  • How does the 30 Day Money Back Guarantee work?

    If, at anytime in the first 30 days, after completing the exercises and participating in the crew briefing, you are still not completely satisfied with our service, we'll fully refund your money. If you decide to utilize this Guarantee, we will ask you for a personal conversation to learn from your experience so we can improve our offering even further.

  • What is a Crew Briefing Call?

    A Crew Briefing Call is a virtual call hosted on Zoom. During this call, you are free to submit your biggest questions. During each call, a number of people will be individually supported. We will do our best to make each session as valuable as possible to the entire group.

  • Is this like counselling or therapy?

    Our program is very different from counselling or therapy. There are a couple of fundamental differences. Firstly, we assume that all of the answers are within you. While we may offer different points of view or ideas to challenge your thinking, our the primary job is to support you in finding your own answers. This is a partnership. Secondly, our program focusses on creating a better future. How to get you from A to B. Therapy may be more focussed in the past, helping you to heal any trauma and pain that might be impacting you. Remember, no athlete ever made it to the Olympics without a coach. Receiving powerful support is not a sign that something is wrong with you or that you need help, but that you are committed to getting world class support to reach your goals.

  • What does a challenge consist of?

    A challenge is designed to stretch you based on the topic taught in each module. They are specifically designed to push you just outside of your comfort zone.

  • is there a time limit to complete a module?

    A new module is released each week. There is no time limit to complete each module but you must complete the trainings in each module before you come on the Crew Briefing calls. You will have access to all trainings for a period of six months.

  • When are the Crew Briefing Calls?

    We publish the Crew Briefing Call schedule in advance. Calls are 1 hour in duration. Multiple call options will be offered, taking into account your relevant time zone. We encourage you to attend the call associated with that module before participating in the call for the next module.

Still unsure? Book a Personal Realignment Planning Session

We'd love to help you figure out your next steps during this challenging time. Book a free 30 minute session with one of the Cockpit Coaches.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If, at anytime in the first 30 days, after completing the exercises and participating in the coaching calls, you are still not completely satisfied, we will fully refund your course fee. If you decide to utilize this guarantee, we will ask you for a personal conversation to learn from your experience so we can improve our offering even further.

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