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Our Signature, 4 month Pilot Realignment Program is designed to be completed with a variety of coaching calls. However, you also have the option to complete the program "Single Pilot" without coaching calls.

  • $2,000.00

    Pilot Realignment Program including: 16 Crew Briefing Group Calls, 2 individual calls with one of the Cockpit Coaches, one personal session with our expert for transferable skills & career transitions plus one personal call with our expert to review your "inner autopilot mode".

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  • 4 x $550.00

    Pilot Realignment Monthly Plan

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  • $500.00

    Single Pilot-No Coaching Calls

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The Pilot Redundancy QRH

Our smaller, 7 day program gives you everything you need to get back in control after your redundancy or furlough, including a complimentary one hour future planning session with one of the Cockpit Coaches.